Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here's the tat Lauren and I designed for her forearm. We quibbled a little about it, but she is happy and planning to use it as a base for a whole sleeve.

I watched the TLC dvd about machine tuning and am wondering if I slept through portions of the class as it had many details in it that I hadn't heard about changing parts for different uses. I'll be watching it again. It was beautifully done, with Lisa's voice and Matt's fingers. I want to go back to school again.

I have been enjoying keeping up with John and Mia and Maria on Facebook. John is fulfilling my expectations for him. Mia and Maria are also doing beautiful work.
My business cards came and they are gorgeous.
Baby Josh and Jimmy have promised to build me something to work on.
I subscribed to Tattoo Revue, but still no issue. Hurry up, everybody.

Tomorrow night is my poetry feature at Cafe Lean. I'm psyched. Hope to find some tattoo victims.