Thursday, November 5, 2009

Damn the Health Department

I called today and was told that I cannot get a tattoo artist permit without being "affiliated" with a shop. What the heck?

My stuff arrived finally on Wed. night at 6 p.m. T-rex, the Tech Assistant, eagerly tore open the boxes and packages, arranged the ink, filled the cabinet drawers per my instructions, and was ready for me to start tattooing. His father also stopped in and asked the same question. Would I be ready to tattoo him this weekend? Answer is no. I want to practice up. Sounds like he wants a whole sleeve and I need to start out on smaller pieces. And, now, I have to straighten out the AlCo permit thing. I'll have to ask Lisa.

My power source is a lovely red. I goofed up the needle order and had to send for more. Finally found the spirit masters, right where Lisa said they were. That should all be here on Friday.

Had dinner with Tom tonight. He is very interested in what I'm doing and I appreciate that. He is a good friend.

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