Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The UPS man did not leave my stuff today because I was not here to sign for it. I had seen him at work yesterday and told him I was at the library. He is there every day. The dummy. Tomorrow I'm waiting at home for him. He's supposed to be here early.

Per Lisa's suggestion, I am finding it no problem to perform at least one tattoo operation every day. My list of potential victims is growing. My first is going to be myself. I need more leaves on my arm. We'll see how that goes.

T-rex, my new Tattoo Tech, helped me lug in and scrub up the white chest for supplies. He also unpacked the scanner. Tomorrow he is anxious to unpack the UPS delivery and put stuff in the drawers.

I found tons of flash sites and free fonts on the web. Heard from Maria in Michigan a couple of times. No response from the guys. Linda Hladun was in the lib yesterday and we talked about Matt doing her baby portrait.

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