Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spending money

The credit card is sizzling. Ordered ink, disposable tubes w/needles, gloves, green soap, power, clip, pedal (a round one) from Unimax. Ordered one rotary machine from Virtual Village to try it out. Got the scanner, etc. yesterday. Now for the dollar store for the odds and ends. Gosh, I'm frightened. Must tell the kids no Christmas this year. Took myself out to breakfast and ran into Dave Raynsford, who was more than happy to chat about Elf Project and show me his tattoos. Eli and I went to the park, then to Heather's where Jack pulled the Snowy Owl trick. I told H. she must design her own tattoo. She has some fantastic white/silver roses on wine glasses. I wish someone would invent a lasting white. Once again the day has gone by without housework. I need help.

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