Sunday, November 8, 2009

for Arthur

I am awed by my grandson. Zachary was the first tattoo at home today. He had me put a rope tie draped over his shoulder with an arrowhead clasp on his bicep - a bolo tie for my father. My dad died two years ago on Halloween. He was a wonderful man and I adored him, but I am a little overwhelmed with the fact that he meant so much to his great grandson. Zachary seems happy with the tattoo. I am as usual critical of myself, but happy that he is happy. He rushed off to show Travis, who approved.

Next I worked on my own arm a little, filling in a couple of more leaves. It is surprisingly easy to work on yourself and I may find myself doing more.

It was satisfying to lay out the materials and get to know them. Everything is set up pretty efficiently and I'm good to go. Small problem with the machine cutting out. Can't figure out why.

I ordered and rec'd the correct number of needles. And the spirit masters. Duh. And the sharps container I forgot the first time. Tech Guy helped put them away.
Lauren found a new butterfly so I can do a coverup on her old one. The list is growing.

Zach wondered what my dad would think of the tattoo thing. I must admit, I'm not sure. He always supported everything I did, tho, so, maybe. (We all know what my mother would say.) I love you, Zach. You, too, Dad.

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