Monday, October 26, 2009

Ah, the weekend

...was not nearly long enough to do all the things that I had planned. It didn't help that I was dreaming about tattooing. Waking or sleeping, it was on my mind. Spent most of Saturday on this blog, then crammed laundry, groceries, and eating into Sunday. Didn't even take time to read the newspapers. Or bathe Eli who hides under the bed everytime I run the water in the sink. Feel worst about not working on all the drawings I have going on in my head. I think I could make great flash and I want to give it a try. Stayed up for Brothers & Sisters last night, then finished my Michael Connelly book, hated to waste time sleeping.

Cold, sunny Monday morning, coffee at Stewart's, then straight on to Neverland. The Lost Boys, Chico and Michael, arrived with wonderful kisses on their throats. Matt had done a gorgeous color portrait on John's leg. Mia found a fantastic red and black piece she wants Lisa to do on her. Said she got to go to Crossgates, and some of them tangled with a nasty waitress at the local pub over the weekend. Oh, yeah, Sandy had taken his cornrows out, banded his hair back like a hydrangea bush on the back of his head. I loved it - he has a huge amount of hair.

That reminds me, a very cute blonde came in today with pink hair extensions, also cute. Michael grabbed her up and fixed up the shamrocks behind her ear. Michael has been grabbing every piece that he can. The boy is a tattoo maniac. And he is good. He did a couple of repairs today that were excellent. And - he got to do a boob. Maria wasn't feeling well and left early. The rest of us got more boring stuff. I started out lousing up my first piece with ugly fat lines, but I recovered as I warmed up and by the afternoon, voila! My masterpiece!

I am so happy with this. 99% my own. Good lines, good color. Feeling much better.

Got all my weekend questions answered when Matt went over the machine details. And some interesting insights on pain from Lisa. Some people like it.

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