Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frog Day

His name was Gary and he has a big orange Buddha on his big pinkish belly. There is not much free space left on his considerable body, but he was a friendly soul. After assuring me that he was wearing shorts, he eagerly dropped his pants to show me his leg tats. I think he meant that they were boxers, not shorts, 'cause they were pretty colorful, but I didn't look too closely. I did look closely at a portrait of Willie Nelson that Gary was warming under his right armpit. It was truly wonderful and done by our very own Matt. I forgot to tell you about Matt, who is the other instructor. He is cute as a bug and reminds me of my nephew Shawn. He is also an amazing artist.

The tattooing part is more complicated than I anticipated. Lisa and Matt share the teaching. and they are both great. The sterilization and disinfecting procedures are very strict. Those old air borne/blood borne pathogens are deadly. It takes a while to set up and clean up. Mennon deodorant, shaving, green soap. Setting the machines with the correct needles. I'll have to get faster. And remember, NEVER to leave my cubicle with dirty gloves. Anyway, after a morning of class and lunch at Wendy's again, we all got our first victim. My victim Gary, for some strange reason, wanted to add a hideous little green frog to the melee already crowding his arms. It was a little scary to start, but Gary was very good natured. I'm gonna have a hard time hurting people. That was a really stupid frog picture. I included the finished product in the collage at the bottom of this page.

I'm thrilled. If someone gets good at this, they can make a ton of money. Lisa will post all our work every afternoon. Google Tattoo Learning Center to see pictures of all of us and our tattoos. In the group photo, I am hiding behind the tall guy with the corn rows. That's Sandy, who can't possibly be really named Sandy, but I haven't had a chance to ask him why he has that implausible name.

Checked out Jody Bergsma and others online tonight. I like many of Bergsma's drawings, but, boy, there is a ton of bad flash out there.

I think I really like this.

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