Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pain and Ambience

John and Michael were plotting today, resulting in an application of SELF MADE to Michael's fingers. Oooh, hurt. We've been coin tossing for designs. I beat out Maria for a great tree, which took me four hours to finish. A nice woman named Lee talked about her husband problems
while I was putting it on her calf. It looked good on her, I was happy, but photograph shows up the flaws. I could have worked longer touching it up. All those coils were confusing, (Lisa helped) but my magnum work is getting better and I found I like using the 3 liner. I would rather be delicate and having to widen lines than make mistakes with fat lines. Here it is:

We have taken the prize for the quietest class Lisa has ever had. Everyone is so pleasant and funny, and, yes, quiet. Maria tells me they went to the SUNY art gallery over the weekend. No bowling. I took a picture of Michael's kiss, but didn't get Chico's yet.

Matt talked about shop ambience this morn. I am envisioning mine. Sunny. It must be sunny. Female friendly. Plants and paintings. Lots of color. I wouldn't be comfortable in any of the existing shops I know of. And, I don't ever want to work for someone else. After 62 years of practice, I like making my own rules. I don't have money to redo this house to meet the health department regs, so I am puzzling what the best step would be. There is just no room here, even for supplies. After school is over, I must be able to keep in practice.

I am enjoying conversations at school. Fodder for a book.

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