Friday, October 30, 2009


Last day of school. I overslept. Badly. No time for coffee. Or pills. Or shower. Or dog walking. Barely time to be clothed.
We had a motivational speaker - Lisa, giving us the Final Pep Talk before giving us our "diplomas". I will probably have to call her for another injection of pep when I get complacent. Matt arrived in disguise, complete with glowing cigarette and gorgeous hair. Michael and John were anxious to get to work (on each other). Sandy had a new baby picture. We women were ready to buckle down and work. I had fun putting Diane's wedding date on her back with two flaming hearts and a robin. Maria put a duplicate on her partner's back. Sweet Maria carefully compared our colors to make sure we worked alike. I never thought of it.

Lunch was very good pizza and a root beer. Not many afternoon tattoos. Did a final clean up; I perfected the foot floor mop. John put the leaves that I had drawn on my hearts. I complimented John on his talent, his business acumen and his skills.

Everyone has done such a wonderful job. Sandy got his fingers tattooed with Love Life. John got mucho revenge on Michael with a excruciating piece on his neck - Lady Liberty and the Twin Towers. Michael was dying while the rest of us were kind of chuckling over his moans and groans, but only because he seems so determined to cover his whole self with ink, all black, of course, no color.

Maria's dad drove ten hours from Michigan to pick her up. She was the first to leave, reluctantly, shedding a few tears, for the ride home. John is driving to Ohio in the morning. Michael and Sandy are being picked up and Maria will be on a ten o'clock train. I am so glad to have gotten to know all of them, all special in their own unique way. I think we all loved it and nobody made me feel like the little old lady.

I can't believe it's over. I had so much friggin' fun. If I never do another tattoo, it was worth it just to go to tattoo school. I feel like a different woman than I was two weeks ago. I started out a 62-year-old poetry-writing grandmother who works in a library and I entered a whole new world. Goodbye, Jeff, and all.

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