Thursday, October 29, 2009

John is going to sing

Lauren came to the studio with me today and we put Eeyore on her leg. He looks like he has had a few because I goofed his eye up. Sorry, Laur. I felt awful. Not a great testimonial for the day before "graduation". The rest of him turned out good. She was entertained by meeting the tattoo crew. Michael and John were at it again, with John the victim. See picture.
Michael took his turn being tortured again with a koi on his hand. I suggested he stick his poor hands into the freezer for a few minutes. They have been taking a beating the last two days. The best news is that John is going to rip off his shirt tomorrow and sing us a chorus of How Great Thou Art, his and my favorite hymn.
Zach and Gabby stopped over, but it was pretty mobbed and they didn't stay long. We did find a good arrowhead which I will make into a bolo for him.
I drove L home at lunchtime and came back to do a really ugly piece that looked like a bad chunk of the Sistine Chapel on a guy named Jim. I'm not even posting the photo.
At ten to five, Mia whipped out the Chinese character for beauty on Maria's ankle. She will do one for me tomorrow. I will call Matt to have him put that orangy rose on my calf. I would like someone to dude up a few leaves on my arm if we have time.
I am having some thoughts about approaching a hair salon to rent me some space in the spring. Just a small spot I could drop in and out of, work by appointment. Here in V'ville would be nice, maybe a couple of days or nights a week, depending on how the winter goes. I'll get busy this weekend and start ordering supplies.
I cannot believe tomorrow is the end.

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